Teknisolar laminator

Innovative Engineering
We offer a new technology approach, and the technical, economic and operating benefits of highly innovative systems for the production of photovoltaic panels.
  • High level of Automation: Teknisolar is one of the few companies in the world able to offer production lines in which all work stages are fully automated. We predominately use SCARA robots instead of 6-axis robots, which means greater speed and accuracy of positioning. Teknisolar also offers the latest cell stringing technology, the Multi-Stringer, which assembles all the panel strings simultaneously. Semi-automated lines are also available, in which all processes downstream of the laminator can be manual or semi-automated.
  • Less use of manpower: On a fully automated line, no operator is physically employed in the manufacturing actions, but only in the control, supervision and supply of raw material (cells, ribbon, flux, EVA, glass, backsheet, junction box, aluminium profiles).
 This implies a reduction of at least 40-60% of the workforce, e.g. there is only one supervising operator during the interconnection of strings against nearly 10 production people normally used by competitors in the same phase.
  • The Multi-Stringer creates the strings of cells and actually assembles all the panel strings at the same time.
  • Integrated Cell Sorter: This option is important if the client uses cells that are not guaranteed to be of consistent power. Cells are individually tested and selected on the basis of yield and power within desired tolerances, without any additional manipulation.
  • Precision: centering of the cell matrix using a vision system, with accuracy and repeatability of better than +/- 0.1 mm. Our competitors center the matrix using the edge as a reference, and can only ensure max tolerances of +/- 0.5 mm.
  • No overturning of strings: The process layout is optimized to completely exclude the overturning of strings. Furthermore the cells are moved with the photosensitive side down.
  • Rigid Gripping System: The pick and place of cells and strings is carried out by a rigid gripping system and not by a suction system. The advantage is less cell breakage and high precision handling because of the complete absence of transverse flows.
  • Robostak™ Gen V multi-stage laminator uses no silicone membrane and has far better up-time and yields compared to laminators that use silicone membranes.
  • Controls and tests ensuring zero defects: The controls (optical and functional tests) are provided 100% in the automatic cycle, with execution for each component and at each stage of the process. They are of the “go no go” type, and the system automatically removes the non complying components or those not covered by the manufacturer's specifications.
  • No contamination by the artificial vision system, because of the absence of any contact.
  • Our level of expertise and years of experience means we are able to provide perfectly customized solutions, revamp existing lines, or replace old and less effective sub-systems with state-of-the-art technology and dedicated automation.


Versatile and Compact
Our lines are compact and can be built to suit the production requirements of the Client. Semi- and Fully- automated options available. A Teknisolar production line requires only 5 people per shift on a fully automated 160MW line.
  • Maximum versatility: By simply changing settings in the software, the line can produce any configuration of PV module, from a single cell up to the maximum crystalline panel size (72 cells) allowed by the system. The Robostak Gen V laminator can also laminate thin-film panels with no changes required, provided the upstream equipment is designed to prepare such panels. The quality of glass-to-glass panels benefits greatly from the Teknisolar lamination process, as no edge pinch is detected, and trimming is not required. The line can produce from 1 to 4 panels per cycle, meaning from 15 to 60 panels per hour, according to the size of Laminator and Multi-Stringer ordered.
  • Less floor space: The footprint required for installation is small, and energy consumption is lower than other PV panel manufacturing lines presently available on the market.
Low cost, high efficiency
Our production lines offer higher capacity, productivity and efficiency, as well as lower energy consumption. Teknisolar equipment also produces a higher quality finished product. The initial capital investment pays off quickly and converts to lifetimes savings.
    • Strategic partnership with key players in the solar industry enables Teknisolar to manufacture entire lines on schedule and at reduced cost.


  • Energy saving: Teknisolar strives to supply customers with equipment that consumes the lowest amount of energy possible. Energy is also saved by using SCARA robots equipped with a regenerative module for energy recovery during operation.



  • Excellent value for money: Producing solar panels with NO defects means less materials scrapped and less time lost. Using the cell testing system allows uniformity of produced power per panel. With a fully-automated line, less materials are wasted because no manual work is required.



  • Multi-stage means short cycle time and higher yield. In many countries, multiple laminators with long cycle time are required to process the same amount of panels as Teknisolar can process with just one laminator. Our lines are compact and don’t require any work in process (WIP). A fully-automated Teknisolar line can provide a capacity of 160 MW/year with manning per shift of only 5 people vs. the high number of workers required on industry-standard lines or lines that require more manual processes.



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