Grant agreement for a new EU project

The European Agency EASME (European Agency for Small Medium Enterprises development) agreed to grant 50.000 € to Teknisolar for a new project called PVFINAL (Photovoltaic Fully Integrated and Automated Line) in the EU Low Carbon Energy Initiative.

Teknisolar is now amongst the selected group of SME Instrument beneficiaries: only 4% of the applications made from European SME’s were accepted and won the grant.

Scope of the project:
“Demonstrate that the grid parity can be achieved without feed in tariff realising solar farms made with special bi facial  panels produced on our fully automated lines at low cost and having a longevity of 40+ yeas and loss of efficiency of only 0.3% per year.”
Having won the award for phase 1, we  are now on the right track to win the award for phase 2, where we forecast over € 3M  investment with a EU grant of 70%.

EU Grant 10.6.2015