Robostak Laminator Gen. IV – New Patent Application

Robostak IV

The new R&D Line in our Italian premises

Multi-stage Membrane-less Laminator – Teknisolar developed a new design of the high vacuum, membrane free multi-stage laminator, now called “Robostak Generation IV”. A first patent application had already been filed on 10/12/2014 . A second patent application has now been filed on December 11th, 2015 (Application N. 102015000082473, CCIAA: Milan, Italy). The new laminator will improve the benefits vs our previous design and even more vs traditional membrane laminators in terms of:

  • Substantial technical and economic benefits
  • Higher quality panels
  • Higher durability of the panels to harsh weather conditions
  • Expected panels life of over 40 years

More precisely, the technical and economic benefits of Robostak IV vs traditional membrane laminators are:

Robostak IV

Traditional membrane Laminator

No Silicone Membrane

Costs and downtimes eliminated
No risk of scrapping panels due to sudden membrane breakages

Higher yields
Higher throughput

Lower unit capacity investment
Single, slender vacuum chamber

Excellent vacuum < 1 mbar in 18 seconds!
Pressure Plates

Very rigid construction, perfect axial movement
Up to 4 lamination stages

Higher productivity and capacity
Compact construction

Less floor space required
Faster cycle-times

Typically: 3’ and 20” (150 sec + 50 sec idle
Less maintenance needs

Uptime increase
Less power consumption

Reduced energy costs