Teknisolar’s Innovations Mentioned in PV Magazine

PV magazine has just featured an interesting article about the most recent developments in lamination technology. Several companies around the world are involved in research and development of new laminator designs that offer faster lamination processes and a higher quality final product without using a silicone membrane. So far, Teknisolar leads in achieving the highest quality process results in the fastest cycle time.

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The author of the article had attempted to contact us prior to writing the article but unfortunately we have an unresolved glitch in our contact form on our website that we are currently working on!

Anyone looking to contact us please write directly to info@teknisolar.com

Our comment regarding how we achieve these amazing results in PV module lamination? A combination of heat applied in several controllable zones, achievement of deep vacuum in a short time, and variable pressure controls are most of what packs the punch. The rest is top secret. What we can say is that for any type of GG panel, high quality lamination is fundamental to high quality production, and to having happy customers.