Intersolar 2018 München – Teknisolar will be there

Teknisolar’s chairman Vittore De Leonibus will be present at Intersolar on June 20th, 21st and 22nd. Anyone interested in scheduling a meeting with him regarding our MEMBRANE-LESS LAMINATOR, please contact us directly at info@teknisolar.com


Used Equipment & Machines for Solar Panel (PV module) Manufacturing

This is the second hand PV machinery and solar panel production equipment that Teknisolar has available for purchase. Laminator, Eco-progetti Laminator characteristics: includes entrance conveyor with alignment, and exit conveyor includes 3 vacuum pumps and pump closet Lamination area: 1950mm x 4400mm divided into 4 platens Each platen contains 12 heating resistances with three different…


Teknisolar’s Innovations Mentioned in PV Magazine

PV magazine has just featured an interesting article about the most recent developments in lamination technology. Several companies around the world are involved in research and development of new laminator designs that offer faster lamination processes and a higher quality final product without using a silicone membrane. So far, Teknisolar leads in achieving the highest…


Announcing the Robostak Gen. V Membrane-Less Laminator

Teknisolar is excited to announce the Robostak Generation V laminator. Gen. IV was a success and with a few additional improvements has become Gen. V. Our lamination technology offers significant benefits to PV MODULE manufacturers, especially for glass-glass modules! The Robostak Gen V laminator boasts 0mm of edge pinch on GG modules, and thickness deviation…


Robostak Gen IV Design Changes

Teknisolar is improving electrical components and control architecture, which means the lamination equipment once called Robostak Generation IV will now be called Robostak Generation V.  A few structural improvements will also make this new generation of laminator very versatile in its capabilities and dimensions: this type of laminator can be customized so that it is…


Robostak Gen IV Laminator Installed in North America

Teknisolar has recently supplied a Robostak Gen IV lamination line to North America’s leading solar panel manufacturer. The line has been installed as a pilot project. It will work along-side existing manufacturing lines and Teknisolar is confident that it will end up out-performing them.


Robostak Laminator Gen. IV – New Patent Application

Multi-stage Membrane-less Laminator – Teknisolar developed a new design of the high vacuum, membrane free multi-stage laminator, now called “Robostak Generation IV”. A first patent application had already been filed on 10/12/2014 . A second patent application has now been filed on December 11th, 2015 (Application N. 102015000082473, CCIAA: Milan, Italy). The new laminator will improve…


Grant agreement for a new EU project

The European Agency EASME (European Agency for Small Medium Enterprises development) agreed to grant 50.000 € to Teknisolar for a new project called PVFINAL (Photovoltaic Fully Integrated and Automated Line) in the EU Low Carbon Energy Initiative. Teknisolar is now amongst the selected group of SME Instrument beneficiaries: only 4% of the applications made from European…


Renewable Energy India Expo

Teknisolar had a booth at the Renewable Energy India Expo from the 3rd to the 5th of September 2014. The event brought together decision makers and influencers as well as technical experts and professionals from leading companies involved in the renewable energy generation, transmission and distribution from across the globe. Teknisolar used this opportunity to introduce…


New website

Welcome to our new website. We have gone live on June 10, 2014


Teknisolar wins an Award by the Technology Strategy Board

Teknisolar Limited was awarded with a £100.000  grant by TSB for having developed a technology enabling the lamination of photovoltaic panels at very high rates and benefiting from greatly reduced running costs, operating costs and energy consumption. Read more details in: https://www.stfc.ac.uk/2814.aspx http://www.stfc.ac.uk/2935.aspx


Materials and Manufacturing North West Launchpad Showcase

Teknisolar attended to the above Technology Strategy Board’s Event in Daresbury in November 2013. Our Chairman Vittore De Leonibus gave a presentation to a group of decision makers and professionals from leading British Investment Groups invited by the Technology Strategy Board at the Sci-Tech Center in Daresbury (http://www.sci-techdaresbury.com). The presentation introduced the mission, the strategy and the…