The Robostak™ Laminator

The Robostak™ membrane-less PV module laminator

  • One loading conveyor
  • One Robostak Gen V membrane-less laminator
  • One curing section
  • One unloading conveyor with cooling
  • One electrical cabinet
  • Vacuum pump skid
  • High heating uniformity +/- 2°c
  • Low energy consumption
  • Small footprint required for installation
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Fully automated
  • 12 month warranty period
  • Laminators are fully tested prior to shipment
  • Periodic check-ups
  • Phone support line and remote assistance
  • Emergency call out service
  • Spare parts management
Main benefits of membrane less laminator are:
  • No costs and down time associated with membrane replacement
  • No additional maintenance and related personnel
  • No risk to scrap panels if one of the membranes suddenly fails
  • No EVA squeezed out due to edge pinch effect and reduced down time for cleaning
  • No need to temper the back glass to avoid breakages in case of glass-glass panels
  • Potentially no need of butyl tape on the periphery in between the two glasses to create a barrier in case of glass-glass panels
Teknisolar’s unique solutions allow lamination of photovoltaic panels in a very short cycle time, greatly reducing production costs and energy consumption compared to current laminators available on the market.

Our laminators are available in four dimensions. The following calculations are based on 96% uptime, 365 working days per year. Ranges depend on number of production shifts and cells per panel.

      • 15 panels per hr: 10 - 40 MW per yr 
    • 30 panels per hr 20 - 80 MW per yr 
    • 45 panels per hr: 30 - 120 MW per yr 
    • 60 panels per hr: 40 - 160 MW per yr 

The following technical specifications refer to a laminator processing 4 panels per cycle (60 panels/hour):

Physical data 
Effective lamination area 
number of levels1
max laminate areaL: 5200 x W: 2150
max laminate thickness14mm
automatic loadingby lift conveyor
transport mechanism in laminatorby Teflon belt
automatic unloading/coolingby lift conveyor
Laminator size 
weight 20.000 kg
height/length/width (mm)2500 x 26.000 x 3000
heating mediumelectrical flexible heaters
number of heaters146
number of controllable temp zones98
max heating rate3°C/min
active coolingyes
max temperature190° C
temperature uniformity+/-2° C

Process data
Multi-stage laminator performance
process time using fast cure EVA3 min.
total cycle time using fast cure EVA4 min.
Cycle for thin film production
process time using fast cure EVA3,5 min.
total cycle time using fast cure EVA4,5 min.
Vacuum system
vacuum pressure (pump outlet)less than 1 mbar
flow rate5700 l/m
vacuum pump power for reservoirs and laminator (two Rotary pumps + one Roots pump)9,2+9,2+5,5 KW
System power supply
max. total system power350Kw
total power consumption110 Kw/h