example line layout

N° EquipmentEquipment descriptionTechnical data
1. Glass loaderAutomatic glass loader and dry powder removal systemUp to 60 glass panels/hour Rotating brushes and vacuum cleaner
2. Cell sun simulatorCell sun simulator and sorterUp to 4500 cells/hour
3. Multi-stringerAutomatic Stringer machineUp to 4500 cells/hour
4. Scanning cameraScanning camera to automatically inspect string integrity and dispose the defective onesUp to 360 strings/hour
5. Lay up systemAutomatic strings lay-up systemUp to 360 strings of 10 cells each/hour
6. Bus-bars cutting machineBus-bars cutting and welding systemUp to 60 panels/hour
7. EVA and B.S. cutting machineAutomatic cutting of EVA and Back Sheet foils from rolls - Automatic positioning of EVA and B.S. on the panel with SCARA robots.Up to 60 panels/hour
8. Robostak GEN. V laminating lineRobostak membrane-less laminator and curing section with automatic loading and unloading conveyor with forced air cooling system60 panels/hour Max capacity 160MW/year
9. Trimming machineAutomatic edge trimming machine for EVA and B.S.4 independent carriages with blades - 60 panels/hour
10. Frame assembling systemAutomatic aluminium frame assembling with in line automatic silicone glue or bi-adhesive tape applicator60 panels/hour
11. Junction box stationAutomatic junction box application with SCARA robot station60 panels/hour
12. Solar simulatorRobotized cell for solar simulation and panel labelling60 panels/hour
13. Panel sorting and packing systemPanel sorting and packaging station with robot60 panels/hour

Examples of layout: