Highest water ingress protection (IP68)
Soldered contacts
All assembling operations made by scara robots
Free license to customers for the production of PV panels

Technical advantages
IEC standard 60529Our Junction Box (Pat. Pend.) provides the electrical connection with the highest degree of protection IP68, indicated by the IEC standard 60529.
Highest water ingress protection (IP68)Both the junction box and the connectors are fully sealed to dust and fume and protected against prolonged immersion in water up to one meter deep. The electronics, with high dissipation coefficient, is in fact completely embedded in the material with which it is produced.
Harsh environment
Our junction box is especially well suited for extreme climates (very high or very low temperatures, high humidity etc.).
Soldered contactsUsing a wide convective surface it also eliminates the possibility of generating electric arcs, originated from the high contact resistance, because all the electrical and electronic components, including cables, are welded.
Ready to assembleThe junction box is ready to be taken, centred and automatically placed by a robot (pick & place) on the PV panel. Therefore a fast, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is possible, saving  all the usual preparation of preliminary trimming, bending, insulation of the panel terminal ribbons.
Lower costAll this implies a lower cost of assembly and a higher quality of the final product, either by using automatic cycles or manual ones.
Free LicenceWe will be happy to provide a free license for the use of our Junction Box to our customers.