Teknisolar Ltd since 2009
Teknisolar Srl since 2017

Our team has a passion for the solar business and designs innovative photovoltaic production systems developed from years of extensive experience and technical expertise in renewable energy, glass applications and glass processing.

Teknisolar is a leading solar energy company founded in 2009, initially involved in the design, manufacture and commercialisation of high quality and high performance photovoltaic laminators.

The Teknisolar team is an experienced team of professionals with over 170 years of cumulated experience in the manufacturing of glass lamination equipment and our lamination solutions have been developed in association with leading world experts and university professors in fluid dynamics and heat transfer.

Our first automated multistack (five levels) pilot laminator, finished in April 2010, was on display in September 2010 at the 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition in Valencia (6 – 10 September 2010). Since then, we have developed other versions, finally resulting in our latest technology: the Robostak Generation V membrane-less laminator.

Now Teknisolar Ltd and its shareholders also own Teknisolar Srl, located in Italy where our R&D facilities are.

Vittore De Leonibus


The founder of Teknisolar and an acknowledged figure in the glass and automotive industry, Vittore brings with him a wealth of knowledge and 35 years of experience of high capacity lamination processes in the automotive sector.

  • 4 patents

Aldo De Leonibus


  • Mechanical Engineer
  • 10 years experience in the commercialisation of energy and environmental technologies
  • MD of a Science, Engineering and Technology commercialisation consultancy

Valerie De Leonibus

Marketing Director

  • MEng and MSc Environmental Engineering degrees
  • 10 years experience in marketing energy and environmental related technologies
  • Operations Director of a Science, Engineering and Technology commercialisation consultancy

Oscar Travaglini

Project Manager

  • Electrical engineer
  • 7 years in management as Electrical/Electronics Maintenance Team Supervisor
  • 7 years in solar industry as Project Manager, Business Development Manager, Due Diligence technological/legal team manager for approval of solar field investments
  • 5 years experience in automotive glass industry on tempering furnace Electrical/Electronics Maintenance Team

Cesare Bruschini

Sales Director

  • Doctor in Chemistry
  • 30+ years in the chemical manufacturing industry
  • Former Plant Manager and Quality Director at 3M

Paolo Boattini

R&D Director

  • Chemical Engineer
  • 30+ years in the glass industry
  • Former MD of Pilkington Spain
  • 3 patents, 20 publications

Mariano Fabiani

Engineering Director

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • 34 years in the glass industry
  • Former General Manager at Flovetro (JV Saint Gobain-Pilkington)

Alessio Menna

Design Engineer

  • 3D CAD Specialist
  • 15 years of experience

Our Partners

Enabling high standards through strategic partnerships

Teknisolar maintains strategic partnerships with key players in the solar industry. This means that each and every PV manufacturing line is designed to the highest standards of performance and reliability, and is cost-effective.

Our partnerships enable us to manufacture our lines on schedule and at reduced costs, ensure that our lines are thoroughly tested and that they fully meet and exceed our client’s expectations.