Fully automated high speed Bus-bar Soldering


Manufacturing linecells per hour
25 MW / year950
50-MW / year1.850
75-MW / year2.800
100-MW / year4.500

The equipment is essentially the same; small changes occur in the area of strings composition and in the feeding system of the raw materials.

The Multi-Stringer can pick up and test from 1 to 6 cells at one time, before placing them in the lay up area and interconnecting the cells in strings.

The test is made with a control system able to check the centering of the cells, their power and their integrity.  It is therefore possible to detect and discard faulty cells and separate those not falling within the power tolerances, which are collected for a later homogeneous use.

Characteristics and technical specifications:

  • Soldering speed up to 4500 cells / hour
  • Breakage rate of  0.2-0.5% (depending on the quality and thickness of the cells)
  • Solar Cell thickness of 150 microns or greater
  • Cell Size 5 ", 6" and 8 "
  • Geometry of cells: square and pseudo-square cells
  •  Soldering time adjustable and temperature regulation from 250 ° C to 400 ° C
  • Number of Bus Bar 2 and 3 that do not require a hardware configuration
  • 3-phase Power supply 380V + Neutral
  • Maximum power 25 kW
  • Frequency 50-60 Hz
  • Compressed air 6-8 bar 400 l / min